GuardChecker - A Complete Guard Tour Verification Service


GuardChecker (GC) is a proprietary web based solution that records all the Actions and Observations of Security Officers, not just checkpoints.

GuardChecker uses Mobile Worker ConnectionTM software to record:

  • Strategically placed, secure NFC tags.
  • Client specific Actions and Observations (the "LIST").
  • Free form notes - written or verbal.
  • Pictures

Each data entry includes the officer's name, a date/time stamp and GPS location.

The Time and Attendance option records officers' on-site hours.

The officer's collected data is sent directly to our secure server to produce Alerts and Reports.

Alerts and Reports

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Managers may send READ ME FIRST messages to each smartphone alerting officers to changing conditions.

Automatic client alerts, sent by email and/or text, include the following:

  • Notification of “Checkpoints Not Checked”.
  • Actions not performed, e.g. Guard No Show/Late Sign In.
  • Critical Actions performed, e.g. gate closed, required inspection, etc.

GuardChecker reports may be accessed by authorized managers using any device - anytime, anywhere.

All reports are interactive, permitting managers to choose variables that quickly and accurately create the exact report(s) that they need.

GC provides the capability to create comprehensive, digital Daily Activity Reports (DARs) for each site and organization.

Time and Attendance reports my be used for payroll showing each officer's on-site hours.


GuardChecker offers the most cost effective options. Compare the total costs of each and decide which one best suits your needs.

Pricing Options Include:

  • GuardChecker Service Only
  • GC Service including Rugged Smartphone
  • GC Service including Rugged Smartphone and Data Plan