Welcome to the Next Generation in Security Monitoring!

  • Smartphones are used as inexpensive, data collection devices.
    • Reporting is "Real Time" with GPS, Pictures, and Notes.
      • Alerts for Missed Checkpoints ; No Shows ; Maintenance Issues.
        • Activity Reports show all actions and observations.
          • Time and attendance option records actual on-site hours.

Data Collection and Processing

Guard Checker uses smartphones and our secure data collection app to record all the actions and observations of security officers. The collected data is sent by that same phone directly to our web based software. At that point, the data is intelligently associated and converted into management information.

This processing uses Oversight Inc's
Mobile Worker ConnectionSM software.

Data may be recorded using:
-Strategically placed NFC tags.
-Client specific Messages.
-Free Form messages: voice or text.

Smartphone using QR codes and NFC Tags

Using a single, relatively inexpensive smartphone or tablet, security officers are able to record and send: location checks; their own on-site check-ins and check-outs; all other important observations and actions; including inspection results.

Collected data may be sent as soon as scanned. No more waiting for an officer to download/ upload. Each scan is prioritized. Critical scans and alerts will be immediately sent to designated managers.

Interactive Management Reporting

In addition to comprehensive, digital Daily Activity Reports (DAR), managers have immediate access to interactive reporting showing the Who, What, When and Where for each security guard activity. More....

Managers may choose how much or how little they want to see by using a wide range of interactive report variables. More...

Webbased Cloud system

Guard Checker has the ability to create consistent reports for all of a client’s sites and locations -wherever they may be.

Managers may use a variety of interactive filters and variables to (1) monitor a single site, (2) summarize selected sites, and (3) create trend reports to compare physical security performance at selected sites over time.

Now, Managers will be able to sort through volumes of data to see just what they need, when they need it. They will be able to create these reports anytime, anywhere, on any device.

For senior managers, we offer a single page Performance Snapshot Report. This report shows a week's performance of key indicators compared to a historical baseline.

GuardChecker's reporting tools clearly set us apart from all the rest!


Individual Performance

GuardChecker can automatically send “real time” alert messages, IF checkpoints are not recorded in a timely manner (Locations Not Checked) OR if a guard does not sign in as scheduled (No Show Alert). These short messages are sent to designated managers and/or control centers. more…

Guardchecker can also accurately record every officer's time and attendance. This information exports easily to any payroll system. More...

The management demands for monitoring hourly employees increased significantly with the new Affordable Care Act and the revised Federal Labor Standards Act. GuardChecker's time and attendance feature, helps you avoid the "gotchas" associated with new employee reporting requirements.

Our Custom Time and Attendance service makes it easy for especially designated managers to correct missed entries.  All corrections are clearly visible and transparent to senior management.